Developing Students

SPE offers free membership to students studying or interested in petroleum related disciplines. Once they become members, SPE Azerbaijan Section opens up the variety of activities and programs that provide huge development opportunity. We try to engage students from all years of undergraduate and graduate studies. All events are highly interactive, educative, and encouraging in respect to career development and academic knowledge – all free of charge.


Young Talents Program

Young Talents Program was created to develop professional, technical, and soft-skills of students from different technical disciplines. We put in a lot of energy and effort to mentor, coach, and teach students in a structured way to fully equip them with the right skills, ready to take on the challenges in the industry. Those students who go through this program are trained to become the future industry leaders and shapers of the technological and scientific progress. To achieve this, we created a very carefully and thoroughly thought through selection process, which is one of the most important building blocks of the program – identification of the talent.


Students Symposium

The Russia and Caspian region has an extremely active student membership and shows great potential for membership growth. To capitalize on this conference being in Baku and linking in with the regional focus on talent development, SPE hosted over 50 students from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Russian chapters who participated in the SPE Regional Student Development Summit held alongside the conference.

Reflecting the immense importance of developing the next generation of oil and gas engineers, there was a strong university-focused strand to this year’s event. During the Regional Student Development Summit sessions included soft skills courses such as Interview Skills, How To Write an SPE Paper and panel sessions. In addition, there were technical sessions highlighting issues facing the Caspian.


Student Conferences

Bring students from different universities in the country for technical paper contest.


Well Engineering School

Well Engineering School is the new project organized by SPE Azerbaijan Section young professionals for University students with petroleum and engineering background. The school aims to increase the knowledge about Drilling, Completions & Workover operations among students through conducting high level lectures by Industry Professionals


Young Ambassador Lecture Program

One of the key directions that our section is focused on is development of our Young Professional members including students and professionals under the age of 36. Through this Program number of young professionals share their experience and excitements in the Industry with university students through monthly presentations at University Departments. The goal of this program is to get students motivated about the career in the E&P sector and get answers to their questions about the jobs and development opportunities in the industry in general. This program is surely a win situation for both students and young professionals who willingly volunteer to participate in this program. While students gain the awareness about the industry and the career within the E&P sector, the professionals practice and improve their presentation skills as well learn how to handle a big audience.


Student Chapter Exchange Program

Allows local students to meet with international student chapters either abroad or in the country to share their knowledge, history and culture, and SPE experience.

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