Students Symposium

Students on their third year of Bachelor’s degree are usually very keen to make their first steps to help them define their future career either in the Industry or Academia. SPE Azerbaijan offers the opportunity to participate in the symposium where students get a chance to be exposed to the practical solutions to the main industry issues and challenges , meeting young professionals and industry experts. SPE Azerbaijan Young Professionals Division in conjunction with the Program Committee work out the details of the symposium program, budget and agenda for each year. Students selected to participate in the symposium are ready to take on couple of hard work but enjoyable days of listening to the presentations by senior and young professionals, solving the practical issues using the real data by working in the teams and individually, going to the field trips and visiting workshops and facility building factories and yards. Besides the hard work, the students enjoy meeting new people from different Universities, companies and research centers.

Hiring managers and recruitment specialists are also involved either at the development stage of the symposium or directly during the event giving motivation speeches or technology presentations to the eager young minds. Competition games and problem solving are part of the symposium that allow SPE board members and company representatives to identify some of the talented and skilled ones with potential opportunity to offer them part time jobs, summer internships or even a full time position following the invite to the graduate interviews turning the students symposium into a great learning, sharing and networking event.

Selection process

Ideally, SPE would like to provide this opportunity to all students in the country who are interested in developing themselves and potentially joining the E&P sector in the near future. However in order to deliver high quality, safe and efficient symposium, the event needs to be limited to a certain number of students. The selection of students is conducted through the online application process following the announcement of the symposium on our website and facebook pages. Students from the thrid year and above (including MSc and Phd students) from all technical disciplines are encouraged to apply.

The Section Board takes time to screen all application forms and select the most qualified students based on the answers and credentials provided. The number of students selected to participate in the symposium depends on the activity program during the event, available resources within SPE Azerbaijan Section and the safety management requirements. If you have any questions regarding the symposium please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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