SPE Well Engineering School

Well Engineering School is the project organized under SPE Azerbaijan umbrella by volunteer engineers and student coordinators who invested their energy and time to support young generation’s education. The program has taken valuable step in growth of young engineers who will be future of oil industry in Azerbaijan. 2019 was the third rewarding year of the program. The main aim of the project is to gather talented students from petroleum related majors and make them ready for professional environment by enhancing their technical level of knowledge. The success stories of WES graduates allow to state that course achieved tremendous results. Majority of WES students were hired to internships and received job offers by international oil companies. This achievement demonstrates how enormous outcomes can be real in short period of time by involving intelligence, dedication and hard work. As Industry grows in country these activities carry huge value in terms of development of national specialists.


This program undoubtedly became a valuable chance for university students. Young talents from various universities are gathered in friendly competitive environment with aim of learning and improving. Getting interaction with specialists allowed them to have open technical discussions and find answers for their questions. Apart from theory students had big advantage to improve practical knowledge by participating real operational focused trainings. Lecturers were always willing to share their knowledge and experience with their audience. Based on feedback gathered, 100% of WES participants found the program very valuable and stated their confident positive comments how WES improved them. Additionally, it created strong network of students from different universities which will continue for many long years.


During the last academic year 24 applicants (out of ~250) from 5 universities were selected to be participant of Well Engineering School in December based on their performance through competitive technical test and interview stages. Courses are delivered in weekly basis by professionals from industry leading companies. Engineers and specialists from companies dedicated their free time to students and held classes in BP training offices. The knowledge of students is surveyed continuously in weekly quizzes. Final exam was at the end of program conducted to grant certificates.


This year Well Engineering School was led by Akram Miriyev – Drilling Engineer at BP and Tural Naghibayli- Wellsite Leader at BP. The program was coordinated by Sadiga Balajayeva, Murad Suleymanli, Jala Jabiyeva – BHOS , Ayaz Samedov – ASOIU students.

Next session of the program is expected to start at the end of 2019.

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