Facilitating Research and Science

SPE Azerbaijan has been actively working on promoting and facilitating research and studies in petroleum related topics among the students, young professionals and professors at local Universities. In 2012, several volunteering members of SPE Azerbaijan formed a small group of industry experts from various national and international companies with broad academic background and experience. The key focus of the group at its initial stages of activities was to develop various strategic directions on how the industry professionals could support the academia at local universities in conducting fit for purpose researches.



While in the first years the group’s activities were focused on establishing and building the momentum of the research culture and science in the education, in 2015-2016 SPE Azerbaijan achieved one of the biggest milestones in the history of the organization – establishment of eiLink Research and Development center in Khazar University. The group closely collaborated with the management of Khazar University and received the biggest support and warm welcome from the founder of the University, Dr. Hamlet Isahanli. The center is now live and actively working on several researches to solve industry problems.

We believe that this center is the best example of the link between education and industry with the biggest agenda of building local technical capability and supporting education. eiLink Research and Development center is not only the hub where industry talks to academia, but also a place where a lot of interactions and knowledge exchange and transfer ongoing between the professors, students and professors, and students themselves.